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Dora Park Michelin SCAM cooling towerThe Dora Park - TurinThe Dora Park - Turin


The Dora Park (Parch Dòira in Piedmont dialect)  is a post-industrial park of Turin of 456.000 m2  extension, located in Spina 3 area where up to the nineties rose Fiat and Michelin great production plants.

It takes the name after the river that crosses it, the Dora Riparia, and it is surrounded  by Nole, Valdellatorre streets, by Mortara tunnel, Orvieto square, Livorno street, Daubrée street, Umbria street, Piero della Francesca square, between District 4 and 5.  The Michelin sector covers 89.000 m2 in the area where during all the 20th century was located the Michelin plant of Turin.   It is the most southern part of the park and it has been open to the public only in 2016, even if the works ended in summer 2012.

The characteristic “silhouette” of the cooling tower of the industrial area, preserved and newly in operation, can be easily seen from all the area and it marks one of the main entrances. The great tower, built at the end of the fifties, is a refrigerant plant for the water used in the functioning of a turbine.

The height is approximately 30 meters and it has the typical shape of the cooling plants, cylindrical, with the walls shaped to a parable in order to optimize the performance, while the structure is in reinforced concrete. We are in the fifties, Cav. Lallo TORRIELLI aged 17,  assembles this SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. Buttigliera Alta (TO) tower,  pre-existence which has become a characteristic of the Dora Park, used also as “logo” in various advertising materials such as  the new shopping center

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