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We have been approaching our story to the cooling towers one for more than 80 years...



Our mission...

The pursuit of continuous improvement through the product development, the investigation of the market and of the relevant sectors (civil and industrial) along with the experience gained since 1930, push to the continuous evolution. SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. approaching the domestic and foreign market with the basic thermal and chemical treatment of the cooling waters (included turn-key plants) focuses its objectives on the customization of the “package” product, adapted to the client requirements and to the utilization sector. The product versatility, along with the targeted study of the installation needs, already on offer request, allow us to carry out a product selection with a great rate between quality and economic level. Moreover tailored packages, for energy-saving and process waters treatment, complete our technical-economic solution, aimed to attract our clients with an approach turned to the common “make good” and “problem solving”.

SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. is associated with the most significant category such as C.T.I. Cooling Technology Institute which gathers worldwide, designers, manufacturers and users of cooling towers.

SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. is a company certified ISO 9001 by Bureau Veritas.